For Parents Only : Nick's Cove Escape

Parent Escape – The Hoxton, Amsterdam
October 11, 2019 Roam


Parent Escape




THE PARENTS : Maryann & Don

THE OCCASION : Birthday Celebration

THE TIME : October 2019

THE SPOT : The Hoxton, a perfect base for exploring all of Amsterdam

THE VIBE : The comfiest mid-century European interiors covered with hipsters of all ages from around the world

THE AREA : The former mayor’s house on the Herengracht canal, an ideal perch for wandering the neighborhoods of Negen Straatjes, The Jordan, The Dam and beyond

THE DETAILS: It’s tough to feel like you’re the very last person to go somewhere great: The possibility that the place won’t live up to expectation is very real. Amsterdam lived up to the hype – and more.

For two parents, celebrating a birthday without kids, five nights disappeared in a splashy flash of canals, raindrops, Genever and Dutch autumn life. And staying in a canal view room at The Hoxton lets you feel like you’re at the epicenter of the coolest city in Europe, with its hopping lobby packed day and night with travelers and locals.  

With no need to speak anything but English, direct flights from most major metro areas, smooth transfers to the city center, and prices not any more than you’d pay in California, Amsterdam delivered a true Continental getaway, with fabulous food, art, drinks and people everywhere you turn.


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