Shock Lobster!

Dinner surprised Maya when it waved “hello” (or maybe “goodbye”?) But having been raised in Japan, she wasn’t too freaked out. Adventurous eating is a must. Maya’s favorite was the squid, however; Ollie liked the clams. I loved it all.

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We escaped to Yumigahama for a couple nights of Golden Week while my two older sons stayed in Tokyo with dad. The coastal fishing town is a few hours south of Tokyo near Shimoda on the Izu peninsula, a popular summer getaway area for Kanto residents.

Wandering down the street, we spied a mom-and-pop seafood restaurant, Aokisazae. We perused the tanks of fresh seafood and picked out the unlucky specimens that would soon be our dinner. The servers set you up with rice, salads drinks and snacks and you throw it on the grill at your table. All in, the whole meal was about 5,000 yen (less than $50) – quite a deal for Japan.


A seafood feast is the perfect end to a long day on the sand. Yumigahama is a fantastic beach, especially for little kids. The large, horseshoe-shaped shoreline has only small waves. You can walk way out and still only be up to your knees. My kids love walking along the rocks to explore the tide pools and catch crabs. We visit at all times of the year but it gets quite crowded when “beach season” starts on August 1. There are small shops to browse and stands serving ice cream and local snacks to keep your belly pleasantly full.

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Betsy Weidenmayer Rogers, May 2015

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