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ROAM features tales of unique and adventurous vacations written by parents who can tell you where they went, how they got there, what worked – and what didn’t. We believe that with the right advice and attitude, parents can take their kids anywhere.

Here’s why family travelers love and rely on ROAM content to inspire their next adventure:

  • Parent Authors – We know travel and we know kids. ROAM is written and edited by parents who have either 1) been on a family vacation to the spot they are writing about, or 2) have extensive enough family travel experience to be able to gauge a spot’s potential.
  • Experienced TravelersROAM contributors were travelers way before we became parents. We know the excitement and education traveling can deliver – and we also know that travelers need reliable information in order to minimize challenges on the road with their kids. That’s why we also write articles about the travel tips and gear that have made our family travels easier.
  • Authentic VacationsROAM Reports share the good – and the bad – of family vacations that parents actually planned, paid for and shared with their kids. If we accept a guest spot on a complimentary trip, we clearly state that in the article and do not promise positive coverage to the sponsor.
  • Shared Discovery – When we write about traveling with kids, ROAM believes it isn’t about amusement parks and kid’s clubs.  It’s about finding time to experience the joy of exploring somewhere new together.
  • Unique Experiences – ROAM specializes in finding uncommon adventures in common destinations. Kids aren’t super into art, museums, shopping or fine dining. So when you take the kids to Europe, why not climb an Italian volcano or jump off cliffs on a Greek island?
  • Broad Perspective – ROAM is an online magazine, not a blog. Why does that matter? We think it is critical to share tales of trips by a broad spectrum of families – kids of different ages, trips with different budgets, getaways from different hometowns – and that requires contributions from a variety of parents around the world.
  • Local & Global Trips – The world is smaller today. Our ROAM families have had just as much fun traveling near their hometowns as they have had traveling around the world. But if you want to go to Patagonia, Galapagos, Israel, Australia, Bali, or somewhere more/less exotic? Chances are we have been there and can tell you how we did it.
  • Typical Breaks – Most of our contributors travel during school holidays rather than heading out for a year or two around the world. Though we are super jealous of these long-term globetrotters, we know parents who only have a week or two in a destination behave differently than those on the road for the long term.
  • Confronting Challenges Family travel can be intimidating. ROAM provides recommendations to parents on how to avoid overtouristed spots, help kids forget they are unplugged, and safely visit new cities and countries.
  • Independent Planners – As savvy travelers, most ROAM readers are independently planning their vacations. Others are using ROAM Reports to share with their travel agents because they know from experience: The more research, the better the trip. 
  • Professionally Published – ROAM Reports are edited and produced by experienced journalists – who also happen to be family travelers. We make every effort to ask questions, confirm facts, and provide details that we would want to know before planning a trip there with our own families.


I founded ROAM in 2015 to share the details of our family trips to unusual and interesting locations. As lifelong travelers, my husband Don and I feel extremely lucky to have shared dozens of adventures with our kids — from budget camping and road trips, to safaris and resort hopping across six continents – and I can confidently say we’ve never had a bad trip yet.

We hope the wide variety of family adventures shared by ROAM’s editors and contributors inspire you to grab your kids and hit the road. And when you’re back, email me at editor@ROAMfamilytravel.com if you want to share the tale of your latest adventure with other parents around the world.

Maryann Jones Thompson, ROAM Founder & Editor in Chief





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