A Camera Bag for Every Occasion

Camera bags are either ugly, expensive, or both.  Plus, I don’t want to walk around advertising that I am carrying hundreds of dollars of gear.  Enter the Cubeze Interior Camera Bag by Ape Case. ape-case-camera-bag-feature

The padded bag, with adjustable inserts, allows me to carry my camera with a lens attached, plus at least 2 other lenses.  It fits perfectly in a Timbuk2 small messenger bag, which can be found cheap on eBay or new on Amazon.com.timbuk2-messenger

The best thing about this camera case is that I can take it in any bag that fits the moment.  Backpack for hiking or cycling? Check.  Duffel bag for car trips or to carry on a plane? Check. Kayaking or Paddleboarding? Throw it in a dry bag and you can rest easy. Random plastic shopping bag while trolling the streets of some sketchy city?  Check.



by Paul Puntous, December 2016

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