A Real Camera for Your Photojournalist


When we decided to take our big trip to Africa this summer to celebrate our big birthdays, we knew we had to do something about the camera situation. On every vacation, our teens fight over who gets to use our SLR camera with the zoom lens. When we get back, they argue about who took a particularly good shot of a bird or a sunset. So last Christmas, we had an epiphany: Give each kid a real camera. canon-rebel-dslr-bundle


We chose the Canon EOS Rebel T5 digital SLR bundle from B&H. Yes, an SLR camera is an extravagant gift but it is one that gives and gives – both on vacation and at home. Photography on the road was a blissful experience – no squabbling over cameras and a ton of fantastic photos for each kid to take credit for and enjoy upon return. And the holidays are the right time to buy: The pricing on these bundles is just about as good as it gets. This year, $449 buys a camera body, two lenses, a bag and filters.  Just tell Santa to hold off on bringing any other gifts this year.


by Maryann Jones Thompson, December 2016

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