Keep Everyone Charged Up


It’s hard enough to keep my phone, camera and iPad charged when we travel. Multiply that by four family members, divide by one or two outlets per room and it all adds up to a nightly battle for space on a charger. God bless my husband Don for discoveringmulti-outlet/USB adapters. Hallelujah! 

Last summer, we traveled with an Accell three-outlet/two-USB charger. It has two outlets, two USB ports and folds down small. My only regret about this purchase is that we didn’t get two. There are also versions which come with international adapters – like this Poweradd product – but the packing footprint is a lot bigger. 

If you just can’t keep from running out of power during the day, try the portable battery pack recommended by my friend Nicole: ImpactStrong Ultra Small Power Bank. It is small enough to fit in your pocket but still has a LED display which counts down the amount of power left on the device. And at only $15, you can buy one for everyone in your family.
If you prefer to dole out power to groveling family members like some kind of energy despot, get just one of the hefty Villain portable chargers. It is much bigger and heavier than the ImpactStrong but it will power just about anything your spouse and kids will want you to plug in.


by Maryann Jones Thompson, December 2016

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