Let There Be Light!


booklightAt home, I am the kind of reader that is excommunicated from the library because I take so long to read a book that I lose track of it in my house. On the road, I read religiously like my sister-in-law Amy. Unfortunately, this nightly ritual involves laying in bed, book on my chest, iPhone rested against my chin with its light aimed at the page so as to not wake anyone else sleeping in our room. On my last trip, I finally got bright and bought a clip-on reading light.

There are a million on Amazon but I chose the LuminoLite because it had both a USB and AC adapter and a flat side so it can sit on a desk and illuminate the postcard-writing or note-taking process on a dark plane. I also like The Little Book Light Company’s Book Light for Kids because it is even smaller to pack!
These reading lights are one of those tiny items that you might not think to bring along but when you do, you’ll find yourself using it all the time. Don’t leave home without one!



by Maryann Jones Thompson, December 2016

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