Peace-of-Mind in a Little Red Bag

You can be sure if REI sells it for $24.50, first-aidit is a first aid kit that will have everything you need to treat minor wounds until you can get professional care. The Backpacker’s Weekend kit comes along on all our vacations and inhabits the driver’s side compartment of our car when we’re at home.

The zip-up ripstop bag comes with a single dose of painkillers and allergy meds, several salves, and innumerable bandages and wraps. Ours has successfully treated blisters, scrapes, stings, Pearl’s many imaginary sprains and West’s many exotic injuries, which include a horse bite in front of Angkor Wat, a knife slice to the leg during a soba-making class in the Japanese Alps, and a fire ant bite in the Costa Rica. We’ve never regretted sparing the 6-by-5 inches it takes to pack this little lifesaver.




by Maryann Jones Thompson, December 2016

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