A No-Worry Travel Watch


Need a watch that can take a beating? A watch that can go underwater way deeper than most humans are allowed?  classic-gshock-casioNeed an alarm for those early flights, and a light so you can check the time in the middle of the night when you are awake and totally jet-lagged?  Do you need a stopwatch for God-knows-what reason? Need a watch that can do all of that and look completely non-descript?  Because, do you really want to wander the streets in any developing country with your fancy “time piece” that costs as much as the locals make in a year?  No.  No, you don’t.

The watch you want for traveling is the classic Casio G-Shock.  

Yes, it’s been around for more than 30 years.  Yes, it looks like you play Dungeons and Dragons and it’s 1983.  However, for less than $40 you will have a watch that will handle constant abuse for a couple decades.



by Paul Puntous, December 2016

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