A Magic Shirt that Has Your Back

We all grew up in Southern California in the ‘70’s.  We rode in the car without child safety seats.  We rode our bikes and skateboards without helmets.  We never used sunscreen.  And, we all survived.  But that last one, though, is probably going to come back to bite us:  Soooooo many sunburns. Ouch. To this day, the smell of Noxema reminds me of summer. (And by the way, Noxema is without a doubt THE best treatment for sunburns. It kicks butt over aloe, or any other homeopathic junk you can find on the shelves of Whole Foods – trust me.)

Nowadays, I am responsible and try to limit my sun exposure.  This tends to be a challenge, however, since I aim to be outside as much as possible.  To that end, I found a magic shirt.

The O’Neill 24/7 Tech long sleeve shirt.  I have had the white and gray versions for at least six years.  They have been worn, washed, and abused, and are still going.  The gray is fine for cool to warm days, but when it gets really hot, the primer-white is the way to go.  In the tropics, where it feels like someone is holding a magnifying glass over your skin, this magic shirt makes it feel five degrees cooler.  Get it wet, and it cools even more, and then dries in no time. I have spent hours in the sun without burning.  Biking, hiking, surfing, working in the yard, hanging out having margaritas on a balcony in Mexico – whatever you’re doing outside, this magic shirt has your back.

My wife relies on a Patagonia Sunshade Hoody.   She has had hers for several years in primer white.  She loves the thumb loops to keep the material over her hands while kayaking, paddling, cycling, and even gardening. The hood eliminates the need for a hat and also comes in handy to ward off mosquitos. Magic!


by Paul Puntous, May 2017

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