Guess Where? Californian Beaches

Guess Where? Californian Beaches
July 24, 2020 Roam

From its freezing cold NorCal surfer’s paradise to its Hollywood-famed SoCal white sand, Californias beaches do it all! 


Think you know every beach up and down the Golden State’s coast? Whether you just want to relax and build a sandcastle with the kids, surf all day, or search for some killer views, get ready to test your knowledge by clicking the link below! 

With over 12 million visits per year, this Orange County strand is California’s most popular beach.

1 out of 10
This famous SoCal beach was named for its canals.
2 out of 10
This beach south of San Francisco was named for its shape that matches that of a heavenly body in our solar system.
3 out of 10
This LA-area town is known for its famous pier that features restaurants, a large Ferris wheel, and many carnival games.
4 out of 10
The 1,000 Steps Beach located in Laguna actually has only about one-fifth as many steps.
5 out of 10
This species of sea lion is native to California and can often be seen swimming or sunning on the coast.
6 out of 10
Considering California has about one public beach for every two miles of its 840-mile coastline, around how many public beaches are in the state?
7 out of 10
This San Diego beach was California’s first official off-leash dog beach.
8 out of 10
This San Francisco beach has stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge from its base in the Presidio.
9 out of 10
The famous scene in ‘The Notebook’ in which Ryan Gosling professes “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” was shot at which stretch of Malibu beach?
10 out of 10

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