"Guess Where" Famous American Mountains

"Guess Where" Famous American Mountains
July 18, 2020 Roam

This week’s ROAM travel trivia quiz is “For purple mountains majesties, above the fruited plain...” 


Yes, we’re talking about “America the Beautiful’s” mountains!  This week's questions are a bit tough but if you know your “peaks” from your “mounts” from sea to shining sea,  click the link below and show us your stuff!


The 30 highest peaks in this mountain range are located in Colorado.

Though normally associated with south-central states, this mountain range actually dominates the eastern U.S., running 1,500 miles from Alabama in the south up into Newfoundland, Canada, in the north.
The Catskills are a famous mountain range in what state?
Part of the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire and home to all recorded volcanic eruptions in the contiguous 48 states, this mountain range extends from Northern California through Oregon, Washington, and into British Columbia.
These “Grand” peaks overlook Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
The highest point in the contiguous U.S. is in the Sierra Nevada mountains. What’s the name of this 14,505-foot peak?
At 20,310-feet high, this Alaskan Range peak is the biggest in the U.S. and North America too!
Pike’s Peak is the most famous of Colorado’s 53 “Fourteeners.” What’s a “fourteener”?
Which of these Blue Ridge Mountains is the highest point in the Eastern U.S.
At 13,803 feet above sea level, Hawaii’s highest mountain is actually tallest in the world at 33,500 feet if you add in the elevation that’s underwater.

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