Guess Where? Quiz – Route 66

Guess Where? Quiz – Route 66
June 25, 2020 Roam

There’s no place to get your road-trip kicks like Route 66! America’s most famous car journey packs a lot of history, kitsch and epic scenery along its roadside. Because “life is a highway” right?!


If you think you know your Route 66 trivia, click the link below and let’s go!



Which of these is NOT a nickname for Route 66?

What year was the route christened “Route 66”?

Use of Route 66 began to decline in 1956 for what reason?


In its original path connecting Chicago and Los Angeles, Route 66 travels about how many miles?


Route 66 hits eight states on its way west. Which of the following states does it NOT pass through?
Route 66 crosses the Mississippi River over what Missouri bridge?
Disney’s “Cars” movies made Route 66 famous with youngsters around the world. What state would you visit to see its town of Radiator Springs?
The lyrics to the famous 1946 song “Get Your Kicks on Route 66” mentions several of the famous stops on the road. If you’re singing it, what town follows, “Kingston, Barstow, _____”

Which of the following roadside attractions cannot be seen on or near Route 66?

The End of the Trail sign for Route 66 can be seen on a Pacific Ocean pier in which California town?

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