Guess Where The Statue of Liberty

Guess Where The Statue of Liberty
July 4, 2020 Roam

Happy 4th of July everyone! There’s no question the country will be celebrating very differently this year. Whether you’re socially distancing with family, friends, or by yourself, we’ve got a fun quiz for you to do whilst celebrating.


This one’s all about our Lady Liberty. How well do you know America’s most famous monument to freedom?!


Grab some red, white, and blue-colored snacks, get in your most festive gear, and gather around the laptop to test your knowledge about our country’s most prized gift, the Statue of Liberty. 


What does the Statue of Liberty symbolize?

What country gifted the statue to the United States?


What is the name of the island the statue is located on?

When you buy a ferry ticket to the Statue of Liberty, a ride to what other national  landmark is included?
When the statue was officially dedicated, what occasion was the United States celebrating?

What do the 7 rays on her crown represent?

Which famous sculptor designed the statue?
Even though she's a big deal to us, Lady Liberty isn't as tall as some other statues around the world. How tall is the Statue of Liberty?
Rome wasn't built in a day - and neither was the Statue of Liberty. It took longer than expected to build her. How many years did it take?
How many steps do you have to climb to get to her top/crown?

Thank you for taking ROAM's "Guess Where?" quiz!

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