Quiz April 2

Quiz April 2
May 15, 2020 Roam

Kids, do you have parents who think they’re pretty travel savvy? Parents, do your kids think they know EVERYthing? Well, let’s just see about that! Here are 10 questions to test your travel mettle – some easy, some hard, and some tricky ones thrown in!

What is the smallest country in South America? 
Which two countries have the longest shared border?
What is the capital of Canada?
In which museum can you see the Mona Lisa?
How many permanently inhabited U.S. territories are there?
Omoro is the most widely-spoken language but Amharic is the official language of what country?
How do you spell the name of this country?
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from what country?
What countries are included in the official definition of “Scandinavia”?
What is the longest river in the world?

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