Quiz May 23 Memorial Day

Quiz May 23 Memorial Day
May 23, 2020 Roam

Happy Memorial Day! We are sincerely grateful for the service of all who have served our country. 


This week’s “Guess Where?” quiz focuses on America’s memorial monuments. We’ve got some easies and some toughies so put on your US History101 Hat and let's get started!

This statue sits on the interior of the Washington D.C. monument that honors our 16th President who was assassinated. What’s it called?
One of America’s most famous monuments to its fallen soldiers is this one in Arlington National Cemetery. What is it called?
This famous memorial lies atop the remains of the USS Arizona and commemorates one of WWII’s pivotal attacks?
Built in 1982, the two walls of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial contain the names of 58,000 service people who lost their lives in the conflict. This statue was added to the memorial in 1993 to honor which group of 11,000 people?
This incredible monument on The National Mall features 38 bronzes to commemorate the 38 months of battle over the 38th parallel during which war?
This monument to the “Rough Riders” honors the volunteer regiment made up of cowboys, railroad workers, Native Americans and other Western frontiersmen who fought for America in Cuba during which war?
Dedicated in 1998, this monument honors the 185,000 African Americans who fought during which war?
The U.S. National Memorial Arch honors the arrival of Washington’s army to Valley Forge. Where can this arch be found?
The West Coast Memorial overlooking the ocean remembers the 412 missing in action from WWII’s Pacific Theater. In what city will you find it?
This World War I monument to courage, honor, sacrifice and patriotism towers over what Midwest city?
As debate continues over a national memorial to the victims of U.S. conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, this California city erected one that bears the names of 6,829 fallen from 2001-2014.

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