Trading “Beach” for “Bucket List” this Spring

Break the mold this spring break: Skip the sunbathing and immerse your family in one of these unforgettable experiences.

By Sarah Hart

While hitting a sun-drenched beach over spring break always sounds great in the deep freeze of winter’s planning season, why not take advantage of the temperate weather and shoulder-season deals to cross off one of these five amazing trips from your family’s bucket list?


The music! The art! The people! There’s a million reasons to go to Cuba, and spring is the perfect time to finally make the trip a reality. Cuba is balmy year-round, but the rainy season doesn’t begin until the end of April so a spring break stay makes great sense, weather-wise. Travel requirements to the island nation change frequently and preparing ahead of time will certainly make things run more smoothly, so start planning already! Get the details on two family vacations from Megan and Jodi.


While you won’t save a ton on a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun in almost-high-season April, you will be visiting during one of the most spectacular times of the year. Load your family onto the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto – or vice versa – and if you’re lucky, you will hit sakura – Cherry Blossom – season. Read more in Julie’s tale of big-city Japan adventure. 


The City of Lights in Spring? Mais bien sûr! In a city known for its immaculate gardens, there’s no better time to see everything in full bloom. Flights and accommodations will cost less, and the crowds will be much thinner than you’ll find in summer.  Plus, croissants are always in season. Need ideas? Read “April in Paris” and  “Roaming Paris with Twins.” 


Atacama Desert, Chile

Had enough of the rain? How about a week in the driest place on earth! (Well, winter 2019 aside…) With its otherworldly landscape, massive sand dunes, jutting geysers and pink flamingos, this is a far cry from Daytona Beach.  Did you know “astrotourism” is a thing? Well, it is, and the Atacama is Ground Zero for the ultimate stargazing. April is one of the best months for your young astronomers to see this celestial spectacle, but try to go when the moon is waning for the full starry effect.


From the foodie hotspot of Porto, to the mysterious palaces of Sintra, the gorgeous streets of Lisbon, or the fabulous Algarve Coast, Portugal should be on everyone’s must-see list. And while the “secret” is most certainly out, this booming country is still an amazing deal for family travel by European standards – and you can easily see a city or two in a week or two if you can squeeze a few extra days out of your kids’ spring break 😉 Read about Dina’s 10 perfect days in Portugal.


 Sarah Hart  – February 2019

ROAM Contributing Editor   

Sarah’s first job out of college was as a travel writer who wasn’t paid nearly enough to travel. She and her family love outdoor adventures, dance parties, and big meals with friends and family. She prefers packing to unpacking and enjoys butchering Spanish and French equally.


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