Hot Spots for the Holidays

Goodbye, winter! Hello, sun! Here’s a dozen destinations where you can find warm sand and cool water that isn’t falling from the sky…

By Maryann Jones Thompson


Want to get away – FAR away – this Christmas? If you’re done with the cold, the rain, the snow, and the holidays, pack the kids and escape to one of these dozen sunny, splashy, warm destinations this winter – just don’t post about it on social media and make the rest of us jealous.

1. Oahu

Waikiki makes for the perfect winter escape. There is an endless amount of lodging so you can even do it last minute. And even if you end up in a room-without-a-view, everyone from grandparents to grandkids will have a great time. Read more:  A First Trip to Waikiki and Toddler Meets Dolphin in Oahu.




2. Panama

What child will forget the holiday vacation where they celebrated with a swim in the Pacific AND the Caribbean. Read more: A New Year’s Blast in Panama




3. Cuba

It’s not the hotspot it was a few years ago but Cuba continues to enchant the families who visit – even more if they’re seeking some winter sun. Read more:  Time to Take the Kids to Cuba




4. Bermuda

Less than two hours from the East Coast, Bermuda’s Mid-Atlantic spot lets you find Florida’s climes even nearer to home. Read more: What to Do in Bermuda




5. Maui

Nothing like a mai tai to toast the New Year! Read more: Getting into the Swim in Maui – and – Splashing Out in Maui




6. Palm Springs

Yes, I know you know Palm Springs is warm in winter. But do you have a reservation for the upcoming holidays yet? If not, don’t forget that SoCal’s desert communities are plenty big to accommodate last-minute vacation planners like you and I. While you’re there, take the kids hiking in Joshua Tree and Ladder Canyon.




7. The Caribbean

Looking for water that ain’t falling from the sky? Charter a yacht in the British Virgin Islands. You’ll need to plan for next Christmas this very instant – but Santa will find you, I promise. Read: Caribbean Yacht Chartering 101




8. Australia

It is prime summertime Down Under and you can fly nonstop from many U.S. cities and be on the beach before you can finish shoveling your driveway. Read more: Summering in Australia’s Winter



9. Belize

Looking for white sand? Mayan ruins? Epic snorkeling? Jungle adventure? Belize has it all – all year long. Read: Wet & Wild in Belize





10. Costa Rica

There is never a bad time to take a family vacation to Costa Rica – and the holidays are no exception. Sure, the prices will say “peak season” but your experience will say “peak fun.” Read more: Wildlife Overload in Costa Rica



11. The Holy Land

Spend Christmas where it all began: It’s high season in the Middle East but the weather is cool, the beaches are beautiful, and it’s a bucket-list pilgrimage that you’ll never forget.  Read more: Not Taking the “God” Out of Israel




12. Bali

Christmas is the highest of high seasons in Bali – but I know families who have braved the throngs of holiday-ing Aussies and loved every minute. Read more: The Best Family Beaches in Bali




Maryann Jones Thompson is Founder & Editor of ROAM

December 2018

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