ROAM 2019’s Best Winter Vacation Photos

The winning shots from the ROAM 2019 Winter Photo Contest inspire holiday and winter vacation ideas for families around the world.

By Maryann Jones Thompson

Come February, there’s nothing more appealing than escaping the rain, sleet and snow of the Northern Hemisphere for a hot and happy dip in a Sydney swimming pool.

Kylie Brady captured all of our “snowbird” holiday dreams with a shot of four kids in Quay West Suites’ pool in Sydney, Australia and won the ROAM 2019 Winter Family Vacation Photo Contest in the process. Editors chose Kylie’s photo from the hundreds of shots submitted by parents traveling around the world.

“The kids were swimming and posing in the pool’s viewing window,” says Brady.  “The pool is on a very high floor and has an amazing view over Sydney Harbour.”

The Melbourne-based mom and family travel agent didn’t just capture the fun of four kids swimming. She caught each child making the right grin and made us feel like the tables had been turned on a visit to an aquarium.

But winter trips don’t have to head for southern sun. ROAM families crossed the earth this winter to share new experiences with their kids. Swipe through the gallery below to see Kylie’s winning shot and the other photographs winning “honorable mentions” in ROAM’s 2019 winter contest. They’ll get you inspired to open a browser and get planning for next winter!

Best Winter Family Vacation Photos of 2019

ROAM 2019 Winter Photo Contest Winners


Maryann Jones Thompson, Founder & Editor, March 2019


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