Guess Where? Quiz – National Parks for 2021

Guess Where? Quiz - National Parks for 2021

This week, our 10 questions explore the incredible national parks open for exploration, with an emphasis on those featured in our ROAM editors’ picks for 21 fun and fabulous family adventures in 2021. 


WARNING: These 10 questions start out easy but get tougher as the quiz goes along. You might need to grab a kid to help you get 100% 😉

Redwood National Park and three nearby state parks preserve 45 percent of the remaining stands of coast redwood trees. In what state will you find it?

This Alaskan national park is named for the tallest mountain in North America. It means “the high one” in the indigenous Athabaskan language.

This national park was the first one established east of the Mississippi in 1916. It’s highest point is Cadillac Mountain at 1,530 feet.

Which of the following national parks are in Utah’s “Mighty 5?”

This Utah national park is known for its “hoodoos” - red, orange and white geological formations created by erosion of sedimentary rocks.

The North Fork of the Virgin River carved the namesake canyon of this national park, the most visited in Utah.

America’s newest national park is New River Gorge, offering miles of hiking trails and rafting opportunities in the Appalachian Mountains. In what state will you find it?

The famous yucca of Joshua Tree National Park was named for its likeness to the biblical character of Joshua who, in one story, held his arms out to guide the Israelites to conquer Canaan. What group of settlers gave him this name?

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is a must-see stop on the 1,100-mile “circle tour” of this Great Lake, the only one that is entirely within the borders of the U.S.

Which of these national parks is the oldest in California? (Hint - this one’s tricky!)

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