Guess Where? Quiz – The Sights of San Francisco

The City, SF, or whatever you chose to call San Francisco, it’s safe to say its famed attractions bring in millions of tourists from around the world every year. Whether it be biking across the Golden Gate Bridge or taking a ferry to Alcatraz Island or eating crab on Fisherman’s Wharf or shopping in Union Square, there is truly something for everyone in this classic American city.


If you are a born-and-raised local or a traveler dreaming of visiting the City by the Bay one day, test your knowledge on the city’s most popular attractions. 

Which San Francisco street is “the crookedest street in the world”?

This ethnic enclave in San Francisco is the oldest and one of the largest outside its home country.

Alcatraz Island was once a…

What sea animal can you see from Pier 39?

The most popular spot to take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge is…

This popular TV show was set in one of San Francisco’s colorful “Painted Ladies” along Alamo Park.

North Beach’s famed City Lights is what kind of Beatnik landmark?

This spot is a great place to see the entire city from an elevated viewpoint.

The tallest building in San Francisco is now the…

San Francisco has more than 50 hills within its city limits. What is the highest natural point in the city? (Hint - It has a cross on top.)

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