Guess Where? Quiz – Vacation Islands for 2021

It’s a challenging year for travelers, but there are still plenty of incredible places that families can travel safely:  ROAM’s 21 Best Family Adventures for 2021 lists our editors’ picks for this year’s best trips with kids!

Several of our “21 for 2021” trips are islands. Take the quiz below to see how much you know about these popular beachy, tropical, and relaxing isles. 

Though Hawai’i has 137 islands, only 8 are inhabited. Which one has the biggest population?

If you want to mountain bike down the Haleakala volcano at sunrise, what Hawaiian island should you visit?

If you want to hike the Na Pali coast, what Hawaiian island should you visit?

This destination contains the southernmost spot in the Continental U.S.

The Overseas Highway is a 113-mile road that passes through savannah and over the Continental U.S.’s largest coral reefs on the way from Miami to this city, positioned just 90 miles from Cuba?

This island off the coast of Los Angeles is officially part of the Channel Islands but NOT part of the Channel Islands National Park because most of it is run by a private conservancy.

If you want to visit French Polynesia, you need to fly into Faa’a Airport in the capital city of Papeete on this island.

Many tourists travel to the French Polynesian island of Moorea near Tahiti in the summer to snorkel and dive with these massive undersea mammals.

The Lesser Antilles are a group of islands in the southeastern Caribbean, several of which are currently accepting American tourists and Covid-safe to visit according to the U.S. State Department. Which islands are part of this group?

This small independent island nation in the Lesser Antilles was claimed for Spain by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493. It is often confused with a much larger island nation in the Caribbean because their names sound similar.

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