Guess Where? Quiz – On Safari in Africa

Guess Where? Quiz - On Safari in Africa


Think that leopard looks tough? This honey badger is said to be the most fearless animal in Africa - he’s just cray-zay 😉 

How fearless are you? Fierce enough to tackle our travel trivia quiz about African safaris?! It’s pretty tough, too! 


If you’re game, grab your pith helmet, get in the truck, scroll down and let’s go!




Which of the following is NOT one of the “Big 5” animals that safaris aim to see?

Where did the term “Big 5” come from?

Which is the most endangered of the Big 5?

The word “safari” means “journey” in which language?

Mosquitos aside, what animal is typically considered Africa’s most dangerous to humans?

The “Great Migration” of 1.7 wildebeest, 470,000 gazelles, and 260,000 zebra occurs in what famous protected area?

This group of animals is mostly native to Africa, with 25-30 species in East Africa’s savannah alone that range in height from 9 inches to 5’ 10” tall.

At 217 by 27 miles (350 by 60km), this game reserve is about the size of Israel and is considered the largest in Africa.

Which of these nations does NOT offer safaris to track mountain gorillas?

This cute animal is only found in arid parts of Southern Africa.

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