Guess Where? Quiz – The Galápagos Islands

With swimming lizards and flightless birds and tortoises the size of bumper cars, the volcanic isles of the Galápagos have captivated naturalists and tourists for centuries.

How much do you know about this home of The Origin of the Species? Scroll down and let’s discover together!

Located 600 miles off the coast, the Galápagos Islands belong to what South American country?

The Bishop of Panama is credited with discovering and naming the uninhabited isles in 1535. What does “galapágos” mean?

One of the Galápagos Isles with the most interesting human history, Floreana Island, has provided this important service for visitors since the 1800s.

Which of the following European groups hung out in the Galápagos prior to the 1800s?

What famous naturalist first visited in 1835, noticed the differences between mockingbirds on each isle, and made the Galápagos famous with his theories of natural selection and evolution?

The islands are famous for wildlife that exist nowhere else on earth. Which of these creatures does NOT have a Galápagos-specific species?

The Galápagos giant tortoise can weigh up to 919 pounds (417kg) and is one of the longest living species on the planet. What is their lifespan in the wild?

The Galápagos are a major breeding and nesting colony for which types of birds?

Why is the Galápagos marine iguana unique among lizards?

Which type of Galápagos birds have famously been studied for 30 years by Princeton evolutionary biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant?

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