Guess Where? Quiz – Young Travelers Edition – World Landmarks



School’s just about out for the holidays! If your child dreams of traveling the world - like we hope they do! -  they’ll love this trivia test about the most famous landmarks on Earth.

We’re hoping it gets your family talking about the different types of destinations around the world - and which ones they’d really like to visit when the pandemic is behind us!


Scroll down and let’s see what you’ve got!

In what country will you find the 240-foot long Great Sphinx of Giza, built in 2,500 BCE?

In what state will you find the Statue of Liberty, a gift to the U.S. from France that was dedicated in 1886?

In what European city will you find the 1,063-foot tall Eiffel Tower, built to open the 1889 World’s Fair?

In what city will you find the Golden Gate Bridge, a span that’s color is officially neither gold, nor red but “International Orange”?

In what Italian city will you find the 2,000-year-old Colosseum, the world’s most famous amphitheater built to hold an audience of 65,000 who came to see gladiator fights and other spectacles?

In what country will you find the hilltop ruins of the world’s most famous Acropolis, a collection of temples and other official buildings constructed in approximately 400 BCE?

In what country will you find this wall, a fortification that was started about 2,700 years ago and at one time was longer than 13,000 miles?

In what country will you find the Taj Majal, a tomb built in 1632 for Shah Jahan’s bride and himself?

In what country will you find the ruins of Machu Picchu, an ancient settlement on a ridge in the Andes that was built in 1450 and rediscovered in 1911?

In what country will you find this famous 1973 building, an opera house set on the harbor of this nation’s most populous city?

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