Guess Where? Quiz – Skiing in the USA

Craving some fresh powder? Us too! With the Rockies, Sierras, and the Cascades, America’s got some of the best mountains to shoosh down - and the best resorts to visit, too. 

Whether you ski, ride or snowplow, check your smarts about U.S. ski mountains in our trivia quiz below!

Which state has the most ski resorts?

What portion of the U.S. population are skiers/snowboarders?

This California ski resort was the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

This New England state is home to famed ski resorts of Stowe and Killington.

The “Corbet’s Couloir” shown above is considered one of the most intense runs in America. Where is it?

Planned by an Austrian count to be like an Alpine ski center, this resort opened in 1936 and is considered America’s oldest.

Tied for the title of America’s biggest ski resort with 250km of runs, this mountain town is also known as home to the Sundance Film Festival.

CNN Travel says two of the world’s top heli-skiing destinations can be found in this state.

This Colorado resort is the nation’s busiest, with 31 lifts and more than 1.6 million skiers each season.

This Pacific Northwest resort gets more snow than any other in the continental U.S., averaging 641 inches a year.

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